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How to Tell if Your CBD Company is Legit?

With several CBD manufacturers coming forth in the market with innovative products, it’s hard to pick the best CBD brand. The process gets even harder when you’re struggling to find out whether the CBD products you buy are legit or not.

There are so many black sheep in the market, which further emphasizes the importance of being able to detect: Is CBD fake or legit? An analysis of different CBD products on the market brought forward that around 40% of the products didn’t contain the claimed concentration of CBD, and 20% of the rest of the products’ quality wasn’t up to the mark. You can’t blindly trust the CBD suppliers as it’s a matter of your health and well-being.

 Here’s a guide to help you buy premium quality CBD oil at reputable stores.

How To Spot Fake CBD Oil?

If you’re struggling with figuring out whether your CBD is real or not, here’s how to spot fake CBD oil.

1. Are They Misrepresenting Their CBD Labels

It’s critical to be able to read the CBD labels efficiently. You need to get well-versed with the CBD jargon first. As long as you know all the CBD terminology, you’ll be able to read the CBD labels and figure out all the loopholes.

For example, if your full-spectrum CBD product’s label claims that it has “no THC”, it means that something’s wrong and the CBD label isn’t reliable. As soon as you point out one misrepresentation, the other claims too, fall in the grey area. A reputable supplier should always be honest, so if you figure out any misrepresentation, probably the CBD product isn’t legit.

2. Transparency Is The Key

Certificate of analysis is an easy way to tell if your CBD product is legit or not. It’s an analysis report of CBD products by a third-party laboratory. It tells you everything about the product’s quality including THC level, concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, contaminants, and other aspects.

You should always ask the supplier to show the certificate of analysis. In case you don’t get to see it, this is a massive red flag and shows that the suppliers are hiding something. Either they didn’t bother getting their products tested or the COA shows the poor quality of the product. In both cases, you shouldn’t buy it.

3. Unbelievably Low Costs

It’s important to understand that CBD extraction is an expensive affair and it’s unfair to expect the suppliers to sell CBD products at cheap prices. If you come across unbelievably low CBD costs, that’s probably because the suppliers are not delivering premium quality. In some cases, the products don’t even contain the claimed CBD concentration. Therefore, you should never be impressed by low CBD costs. It might be a sign that the CBD products are not legit.

Clearing sales and discounted prices are not a red flag but constant low prices of a CBD product are a sign that something’s not right.

4. Product Packaging

CBD oil is highly sensitive to UV rays and sunlight, so to adequately store it, the suppliers ensure dark-colored packaging that doesn’t permit light to pass through. If a CBD store doesn’t invest in proper packaging, it’s a sign that the CBD oil might be fake. A reputable CBD company would never practice such negligent behavior towards a product.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best CBD company is critical to get your hands on legit CBD oil. With so many fraudulent sellers on the market, it’s crucial to find reputable suppliers that deliver the claimed products. Be vigilant and do not rush CBD shopping. Look around and interact with the users who’ve had a first-hand experience with the supplier. 

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